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Every Sunday @ The Courts, we hold an interactive Sunday School Class coming from the Standard Quarterly Commentary which is built upon the popular International Sunday School Lesson,   This class enables you to build a strong foundation in your Christian walk.   Come Learn with us!

CLASS TIME:  9:00AM-9:45AM

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Each Sunday, our senior pastor Terry K. Johnson delivers an inspiring message that brings about growth, strengthen and and encouragement. We invite you to join us.

Service Time:  10:00AM

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intercessory prayer

Join us Every Tuesday, during intercessory prayer with Minister Lety Agular.   Intercessory prayer is the act of praying to our Father In heaven on behalf of others, our families, our community and our church.    

Time of Prayer:  6:00PM

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kingdom class 

Here at @ The Courts, we believe in seeking the Kingdoms of God in our Day to Day life and apply scriptura practices to daily living.  If you steep your life in God's reality, God's initiative and His provisions.  You do not have to miss out, you will find your everyday concerns will be met.   Come Learn with us!

Time of Prayer:  6:00PM

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Girl Talk provides a framework where Women can meet together to find strength, support, and encouragement.   We are centered around women supporting each other; empowering each woman to feel safe and supported through the vicissitudes of life.

This is an interactive discussion where Women Support Women.  We hope you can join us

Time of Prayer:  6:00PM

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girl talk

This interactive study is tough by Sean, come out and learn from a Next Gen perspective

 Each Thursday  at 7:00PM to 8:00PM



This interactive men's discussion.   

 Each Friday  at 7:00PM to 8:00PM


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